Case Studies

  • Case Study Parkgate Rotheram
    The Parkgate Rotheram scheme consisted of the installation of an 800kVA substation, and connection of the newly installed substation to the NPG network. The connection included the installation of LV cables between the new substation and meter positions for the new units and car park lighting.
    PDF, 2.75 MB
  • Case Study Manor Farm
    The Manor farm project was to supply and install an SSE substation to allow for 7MW export supply. The civils team hired by GEW2 did an impeccable job working in rough conditions at the solar park and installing a 900m cable route.
    PDF, 2.35 MB
  • Case Study Panty Moch
    The Panty Moch scheme consisted of the installation of a new WPD 33kV substation within a 10MW solar generation site. GEW2 succeeded to use a new concept incorporating WPD and Canadian Solar G59 equipment in a combined containerized substation. This scheme also marked the first time that a WS switchgear was installed within a WPD 33kV container in the UK.
    PDF, 2.46 MB
  • Case Study Arkleby House
    This connection requirement was for the installation of a 1550m 11kV cable route to enable a wind turbine to be connected to the ENW existing infrastructure. GEW2 had a strict deadline for completion and managed to secure the connection within the given timescale. GEW2 has supported the customer through many route changes and difficult obstacles which were overcome. GEW2 was able to secure many road closures to allow for the works in the public highway and through the bridge.
    PDF, 1.98 MB
  • Case Study David Lewis
    The David Lewis scheme consisted of the HV & LV Connection into a newly constructed building onto Scottish Power’s network in Liverpool. The Transformer and LV cabinet were adopted by the IDNO. Although working within central Liverpool, GEW2 managed to complete all works without complaint, and supply the first integrated IDNO substation.
    PDF, 638.29 KB
  • Case Study Foxborough Farm
    The Foxborough Farm project was to supply a UKPN Substation and Customer transformer to allow for the 500kW export, and 1kW import for a Wind Turbine. GEW2 successfully secured the private network cabling and transformer. Customer, BT and UKPN had to overcome an extensive amount of challenges related to the land and cable rights, where GEW2 supported all the involved parties throughout the project. The large section of the route was installed within the BT land and variation to the UKPN connection design had to take in account a nearby PV farm
    PDF, 547.04 KB
  • Case Study Pencoose
    The working area around the Pencoose cable route was within a confined public highway area of Cornwall which presented challenges during both excavations, road closures, and especially directional drilling locations. GEW2 had to submit permits for water ways crossing VIA directional drilling method.
    PDF, 588.98 KB
  • Case Study Capelands
    GEW2 has provided significant assistance to JUWI Renewables in negotiations with the 3rd party landowner and for provision of the Wayleaves to secure the LV supply.
    PDF, 609.51 KB
  • Case Study Newton Ferrer
    The HV cable route ran through 35 fields, 12 landowners and consisted of 2 road closures spanning over 9 km. GEW2 put 4 directional drilling machines and 6 separate civil crews onto this task in order to complete all the excavations on time.
    PDF, 655.69 KB
  • Case Study Longcliffe
    This connection was for newly installed 2 x 2 MW turbines within the Longcliffe Quarries property line.
    PDF, 527.91 KB
  • Case Study Redlands
    This was the first combined substation built by GEW2 in WPD region and provided a cost efficient solution for JUWI Renewables.
    PDF, 570.18 KB
  • Case Study Tern Valley
    Refurbishment Project for Shropshire Council and Matrix
    PDF, 645.04 KB
  • Case Study MIRA
    GEW2 and WPD worked closely together to achieve correct switching sequences and allow installation of the new customer HV and LV equipment for Galliford Try.
    PDF, 480.75 KB
  • Case Study Fountaindale
    GEW2 and WPD have worked closely to ensure that work is completed on time without any delays to allow the required connection for Advanced Utilities.
    PDF, 524.43 KB
  • Case Study IM Properties
    This project required a 350 kVA connection to the new John Lewis Retail Store and 2 x 200 KVA connections to the two industrial units for Benniman Construction and IM Properties.
    PDF, 533.60 KB
  • Case Study Hydra Park
    This project included an 11kV connection to provide the 300KVA load required for the three new buildings within Hydra Park Properties development.
    PDF, 636.51 KB
  • Case Study St.Peters Square
    This project was very challenging due to the requirement of stabilizing an HV connection to an already built new development at One St.Peters Square within very short lead times. GEW2 have been asked to step in half way through the project and assist the customer in obtaining a design approval from ENW within 1 week and commencing the works at earliest possibility.
    PDF, 678.30 KB
  • Case Study Evesham
    The standard HV solar connection included the supply and installation of a WPD RMU unit. However GEW2 scope was extended to supply and install a package G59 solution.
    PDF, 685.54 KB
  • Case Study Wroxton
    The standard HV solar connection included supply and installation of a WPD RMU unit. However GEW2 scope was extended to cover G59 and WPD substations plinths.
    PDF, 680.64 KB
  • Case Study Chalgrove
    GEW2 assisted customer with a number of additional site options including earthing, metering and LV installations. The PV park has been connected on time and generation tariff was successfully secured.
    PDF, 655.22 KB
  • Case Study G.R.Ward and Sons
    This project included a ring connection between two new Points of Connection into WPD network. Second stage of the project included LV redirection and the Third stage of the project included installation of the Power Factor correction facility.
    PDF, 565.44 KB
  • Case Study Concept Plastics
    This project included an 11kv connection to provide the 800KVA load required for the new process. Working closely with the civil contractor nominated by the customer we have implemented a new WPD design incorporating a smaller WDP RMU substation.
    PDF, 583.21 KB
  • Case Study Bradford Manor Solar Park
    This project included detailed planning, interaction with the local parish & county council representatives and logistical facilitation through the Pyworthy area including the farmland rented by the solar park.
    PDF, 553.89 KB
  • Case Study Witches Solar Farm
    This project included a full design of a 66kv AIS substation solution to WPD specifications.
    PDF, 585.92 KB
  • Case Study Higher Hatherleigh Solar Park
    This project included construction of the DNO and the private network to connect 5MW Solar Park to SSE network. SSE cable route was laid in carriageway and required precise planning and traffic management.
    PDF, 514.14 KB
  • Case Study Nottingham Tram Disconnections
    During this project we have worked with Vinci construction to provide a coordinated disconnection of all existing services to a large number of properties along the proposed route of the new Tram Line in Nottingham. The NET Phase II has requested for a total of 72 properties and businesses to be disconnected from all the utilities prior to complete demolition.
    PDF, 544.28 KB
  • Case Study Mid UK Caythrope
    During this project we have used several civil teams to shorten the completion of the required 10,000m excavations through Ancaster, A17 and the Cranwell RAF bas.
    PDF, 543.55 KB

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  • "... The quality delivered by GEW2 in terms of design, liaison with DNO and construction of the final installation were all to a high standard...."

    Contract Manager - Carillion

  • "... GEW2 consistently assist us in the delivery of prestige construction projects within programme, to budget and, most importantly, to the specific aspirations of our Clients and their tenants..."

    Chief Buyer - Benniman Construction Group

  • "... I genuinely could not find fault with the application, this should prove to be a simple smooth operation..."

    Streetworks Technician - Warwickshire County Council

  • "... Matrix found GEW2 to be most helpful in solving our problems and very efficient in meeting the end goals set by us. Consideration would be given in employing them again..."

    Dennis Gough - Matrix

  • "... I was very pleased with the GEW2 operation overall, I think the close liaison and excellent working relationship between MIRA and GEW2 engineers was a key to the electrical installation and alterations running as smoothly as they did..."

    Nigel Chalkley - Consultant

  • "...We had some serious issues with the water and the gas for this project at Thorne. The site manager and I have agreed that it was only the electric works that GEW2 carried out for the Thorne project that ran smoothly with no issues or hold ups."

    The Energy Architects – Thorne The Lodge


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