Competition in Connection (CiC)

OFGEM are committed to promoting competition within the energy markets as a mechanism to benefit consumers through increased quality, or decreased prices, or both. Natural monopolies inevitably make it more difficult to promote competition.

The installation of new connections assets helps to minimise natural monopolies through the creation of an element of competition. Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) and licensed Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) can compete with Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) to complete some connection activities.
The activities that ICPs and IDNOs can undertake are described as contestable activities. Contestable activities include the design, procurement and construction of the sole use connection assets. Activities that can only be carried out by the DNO are described as non-contestable activities. Non-contestable activities currently include determining the point of connection to the distribution system, design approval and undertaking upstream reinforcement to the distribution system.

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