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Founded in 2006 with a team of former DNO staff, GEW 2 Ltd was devised to work in the ICP and multi utility sector to provide its customers with a complete “end to end” approach.

Our approach is total safety to our staff and customers alike, a process, which is constantly evolving through our working life and has lead to our success of seven years without incident.

Customer service drives our desire to provide on time solutions with a cost that is reasonable along with terms and conditions that are mutually agreeable between all parties.

Payment profiles are provided for all customers to help with the financial burden of such infrastructure costs.

“In it for the long term” GEW 2 Ltd welcomes the opportunity to become your framework partner and help advise with utility procurement over the long term. As part of this role, we are able to deliver Gas, Electricity and Water connections on all developments.

Asset adoption is another part of the GEW 2 Ltd partnership model for our customers, in which we can broker the best IDNO deal for your development, in which we will attract an asset value contribution from the IDNO.

Please view the remainder of the web site for our list of services, case studies and contact details of the key members of the business.

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