GEW2 – market announcement – hydrogen infrastructure

by Sam Taylor | Mar 01, 2018
Today we are proud to announce the introduction of GEW2 into the exciting world of hydrogen-based infrastructure solutions.
GEW2 – market announcement – hydrogen infrastructure 
Today we are proud to announce the introduction of GEW2 into the exciting world of hydrogen-based infrastructure solutions. There is increasing recognition of the role that hydrogen can play in the transition to a low carbon economy and reduced emissions, and the ability of the gas to have a very significant impact in markets such as transportation, heat, and energy. There is well documented UK and global growth in the demand from these markets, in transport applications such as trains, buses, motorcycles, cars, fork lifts, heavy goods vehicles. In heating there are various projects which are looking to inject varying percentages of hydrogen into existing gas networks, primarily for domestic consumption. In energy markets there are significant opportunities to provide storage – and particularly long-term storage – which can enable increased and more effective deployment of renewable technologies such as wind and solar.
In transportation, whilst the technology that is installed in the vehicle is well developed, it is recognised that there is less choice in the market when it comes to the infrastructure provision. For energy markets the prevailing technologies are limited in their features and there is less choice when it comes to sustainable longer-term storage and off-grid solutions. We aim to change this.

Hydrogen has been used as an industrial gas for many years, and the technology required to produce, distribute, store and dispense has matured and has an exceptional track record. The deployment of hydrogen gas into other applications is driven by the unique characteristics of hydrogen that lend themselves to high energy demands, zero emissions, and the ability to be produced from renewable electricity sources. The EU has long recognised the potential for implementing a hydrogen fuelled transportation market and has funded numerous projects to prove the economic and technical feasibility of this. The market is now at the point where the proving is complete, and it is time for hydrogen projects to be deployed as a pure commercial proposition. Whilst our focus will initially be on meeting the needs of the transportation market, there are other markets which require similar infrastructure to achieve the same outcomes which we can also address, in particular electricity supply. Our infrastructure is designed to use renewable energy to produce hydrogen, and then depending on the particular project this will be either dispensed as hydrogen and/or converted to electricity.

GEW2 is a long-established provider of technical solutions in the renewable energy sector in the UK, being responsible for engineering, procurement and construction for a range of solar, wind and biogas projects. We see the move into hydrogen infrastructure provision a natural next step from our existing activities, as many of the required skills, materials and processes are the same. Our scope will become not just provision of the renewable generation and associated grid connections it will extend to hydrogen production, storage and compression. Our hydrogen infrastructure solutions are technology agnostic as we integrate the most appropriate components to deliver an optimal overall solution. Working with recognised partners to delivery technical and safety assurance, alongside the ability to offer fully financed solutions, we believe that we can offer a credible solution in the UK market place. 

We are now actively looking to engage with organisations that are looking for long term hydrogen supplies and associated infrastructure across the UK. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and we would be pleased to discuss further what we can offer. 


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